Best Kettlebell Exercises for Building Your Biceps

by on June 12, 2011

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Kettlebells are becoming more popular as people realize the many benefits of using them.  The difference between kettlebells and dumbbells is that dumbbells are used mainly for isolation exercises.  Kettlebell exercises use swinging movements so they do more than build muscle.  They also combine strength training, work out your core, tone your muscles, and cardio all in one.

With that said, everyone wants a great looking set of biceps.  The right kettlebell exercises can really help you develop your biceps.  These exercises are also more dynamic, fun, and more challenging than your standard dumbbell exercises.  So what are some of the exercises you can do with this weight training tool?

The first exercise you can do is the bottoms up clean.  You do this exercise by holding the kettlebell in a standing position.  From there you push the kettlebell towards your back and then curl it back up.  This exercise works out your back, forearms, and biceps all in one.  Just a side note – if you want to get training, look for a bodybuilding club that has kettlebell classes.

The second exercise is the kettlebell hammer curl.  You start in the standing position and curl the kettlebell in front of you.  You want the bottom of the kettlebell facing away from you and when you do the curl, you want to jerk the movement and pressure your biceps.  Hold the kettlebell in front of you for 3 seconds then go back down.  Repeat exercise with each arm.

The third exercise is the one arm kettlebell clean.  You start by putting the kettlebell between you feet on the floor.  You want to bend down and swing the kettlebell up and bring your grip towards your chest like a regular dumbbell curl.  The key to this exercise is the explosion you create on your way up.  Use your lower back and hips to create the power.

The fourth exercise is the towel curl.  This is the best exercise if you want to isolate your bicep and forearm as much as possible.  Like the name suggests, you will put a towel through the handles and pick up the kettlebell by grabbing the towel.  In a standing position, use a thumb on top grip and curl the towel to your chest.  Try to get as much of a pump as possible when you are bringing it up.  Repeat for both arms.

So these are some of the kettlebell exercises that you can use to build your biceps.  The benefit of using a kettlebell is that you will be hitting multiple parts of your body.  It is challenging yet also rewarding.  The results will show after you start using the kettlebells.  Again, find a bodybuilding club that has trainers experienced in using kettlebell.  Some will even have kettlebell classes that you can take.

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